TMS_S2E12 | Rethinking Welfare: A Critical Perspective

The Mindfullness Show is written and produced by Josiah Samuel Harry. Music by Josiah Harry, Jr.

S2E12 Show Notes:
[00:49] Hot Takes: Virtual Reality is an overrated fad.
[05:14] Main Segment: Josiah discusses why Americans should be concerned about the US federal debt. Over 41 million Americans experience food insecurity every day and live in abject poverty. Multinational corporations' employees’ extensive reliance on welfare assistance is costing taxpayers.
[15:24] The Best Things I Heard Today: A teenager saw an elderly woman waiting at a downtown Houston bus stop in the hot sun so he pulled an umbrella out of his car and kept her in the shade for nearly two hours.

Sources for this episode: "US Government Spending." "Americans Are Mistaken About Who Gets Welfare" by Arthur Delaney and Ariel Edwards-Levy. "Rethinking SNAP Benefits for College Students" by Tom Allison. "Amazon Gets Tax Breaks While Its Employees Rely on Food Stamps, New Data Shows" by Claire Brown. "Facts about poverty and hunger in America" by Feeding America. "Employers steal billions from workers’ paychecks each year" by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI).

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