TMS_S2E15 | The NBA, Like the NFL, Operates on a Plantation Business Model

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S2E15 Show Notes:
Both the NFL and NBA's anthem policies were adopted by white people for white people as a way to maintain America's status quo of not regarding blacks as full citizens and also to punish blacks whenever they challenge symbols of white supremacy.

The NFL and NBA's operational business model are more similar than different in that whites occupy most of the semi-permanent high-paying positions, while blacks are clustered at the bottom.

The primary difference between the NFL and NBA is that the NBA is more culturally competent and knows how to placate its labor force with the right incentives so as to keep them in line.

Sources for this episode: "Official Rules of the National Basketball Association." "Warriors' Steve Kerr slams NFL's new anthem policy" by Kyle Boone. "Clippers owner Sterling banned for life by the NBA." "PRO BASKETBALL;Abdul-Rauf Is Calm In Face of Controversy" by Jason Diamos. "The revival of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf" by Mark Fainaru-Wada. "The NBA Shouldn't Get Credit Just For Not Being The NFL" by Lauren Theisen. "How national anthem rules differ across sports leagues" by Kevin Seifert.

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