TMS_S2E28 | Peace Is Bad for Business

The Mindfullness Show is written and produced by Josiah Samuel Harry. Music by Josiah Harry, Jr.

S2E28 Show Notes:
In this episode, Josiah discusses a number of news headlines making their way around the news cycle, including: Migrant children being separated from their parents in the United States; North Korea–United States Summit; Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey forced to apologize for eating at a Chick-fil-A restaurant.

Sources for this episode: "The US government is separating families who seek asylum in the US" by Dara Lind. "Trump plans massive increase in federal immigration jails" by Alan Gomez. "Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey forced to apologize for eating Chick-fil-A during Pride Month" by Hayley Peterson. "Square CEO Jack Dorsey gets blasted from both sides after a tweet about Chick-fil-A" by Jena McGregor. "If You Really Love LGBTQ People, You Just Can’t Keep Eating Chick-fil-A" by Noah Michelson. "Eat Mor Chikin: Chick-fil-A's stance on same-sex marriage faces test" by Ben Brumfield. "Gay rights activists to hold kiss protests at Chick-fil-A restaurants" by CNN Wire Staff. "Lobbyists: Top Recipients. "'Peace Is Bad for Business': War Profiteer Stocks Plummet After Diplomatic Progress With North Korea" by Jake Johnson. "The economics of peace (and war)." 

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