TMS_S2E31 | Religion Poisons Everything

The Mindfullness Show is written and produced by Josiah Samuel Harry. Music by Josiah Harry, Jr.

S2E31 Show Notes:

Hot Take(s): General Motors and Fiat Chrysler will be forced to consolidate their assests and merge under one parent company. 

Main segment: There are many fallacies upon which religion is built. I will cover a few of those fallacies in this episode. Throughout history, there has been more bloodshed in the name of religion than any other philosophical worldview. Now, this is not to say that religion is the principal cause of wars and conflicts. The fact is, most wars are economic and political in nature. Even so, as a philosophical worldview, religion has been employed as a weapon of destruction and oppression since its inception. Religion has been the single greatest source of injustice, tyranny, and violence.

Sources for this episode: "Bible verse Sessions used to defend immigration policy once defended slavery" by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove. "Abrahamic God vs. women." "The United States’ Long History Of Separating Families Of Color" by Sara Boboltz. "The American Churches, The Bulwarks of American Slavery." "Conditions of antebellum slavery." "8 most horrific and inhuman black slaves punishment in the history of slavery" by Peace Ezebuiro. "Religion and Conflict" by Eric Brahm. "Six Ways Religion Promotes War" by Sakshi Nanda. "Towards a Religion of World Politics?" by Luc Reychler. "Will religion ever disappear?" by Rachel Nuwer. 

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