TMS_S2E5 | Why Do We Hate? Confronting Racism In America

The Mindfullness Show is written and produced by Josiah Samuel Harry. Music by Josiah Harry, Jr.

In this episode, Josiah discusses why racism not only increases the likelihood of cross-cultural disharmony, division, and self-destructive tendencies but also threatens the stability and sustainability of a thriving democracy. Here are the other topics that were discussed in this episode.

S2E5 Show Notes:
[01:01] Hot Takes: The US economy is due for a course correction.
[04:34] Main Segment: In order for every person in America to begin receiving equal treatment, each one of us has to become proactive in fighting on the side of right and not on the side of privilege.
[19:41] The Best Things I Heard Today: A physics professor at Arkansas State University is being praised for teaching class while holding a baby after one of his students could not find a sitter in time.

Sources for this episode: "The Cancer of Racism Thrives in America" by Chris Williams and the book "Choose Love Not Hate" by Josiah Samuel Harry.

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